Penguin Feeding Time

Penguin Feeding Time by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Penguin Feeding Time.”
Collage on paper. 24″x18″
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And it’s finished (at the moment). Sometimes I like revisiting previous collages to do a little bit of editing/touching up here and there.

I’ve always liked penguins so naturally I wanted to squeeze one in to one of my people collages. I like how penguins look like miniature people in a way – and they always look so dressed up like they’re wearing suites.Although I like making portraits/people collages the best, I am looking forward to working on some animal collages for my show in August. It will be a nice way to change gears a bit. I’d also like to work more on still life and landscape work since I haven’t had much time these days to really delve into those areas.

It’s crazy how quickly this weekend is going by – and now I’m off to take care of a few errands before enjoying the nice weather.

Reading Room

Reading Room by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Reading Room.” Collage on paper. 18″x24″
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Another day, another collage.

With this particular collage, I was interested in making the piece look like the viewer’s walked into the same room where the sitter is. Perhaps they interrupted them while they were in the middle of a book? I like making narrative scenes, partially because they’re fun to make, mainly because different viewers can come up with so many different storylines or ideas of what’s going on in a scene.

Anyway, this week I’m going to try to finish another figurative piece and hopefully get started on a few more mini collages.

Women in Art: Body of Work

A few days ago I gallery sat for the DRA’s “Women in Art: Body of Work” exhibition. I took a few pictures of the show as well as some images of my work on the wall.

Megan Coyle collage artist Megan Coyle collage artist

My collages, “The New York Diner” and “Jean,” framed and hanging on the gallery walls. “The New York Diner” was made for an upcoming solo exhibit that I’m having in May and “Jean” is a piece I finished in ’08 for my senior thesis exhibition.

Megan Coyle collage artist Megan Coyle collage artist

Megan Coyle collage artistThe exhibit had quite a variety of artwork, with metal sculptures, photographs, paintings, drawings, and mixed media pieces. I always like seeing the range in artwork hanging in themed exhibitions – it’s interesting how different artists approach the same subject matter with a different style, idea, and medium.

Women in Art: Body of Work

Jean by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Jean.” Collage on paper. 18″x24″
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March 5th – 21st, 2010
Nicholas Colasanto Center; Alexandria, Virginia
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One of Megan’s older pieces, “Jean,” as well as a newly finished figurative collage, “The New York Diner,” were on display in the Nicholas Colasanto Center’s “Women in Art: Body of Work Exhibition.”

“Jean” was a collage that was created in 2008 for Megan’s senior thesis exhibition at Elon University.

The “Women in Art: Body of Work” show featured the artwork of local artists who tackled the theme of women in art. The exhibition was presented by the Del Ray artisans and the Divas of Decoupage.

Collaging the Figure

Here are a few images of the exhibit I installed the other day (there’s a bit of a glare from the lighting):

Collage artwork by Megan Coyle Collage artwork by Megan Coyle

Collage artwork by Megan Coyle Collage artwork by Megan Coyle

All of the work, with the exception of one of the smaller pieces, are collages that were completed either several years ago or a couple of years ago. I wanted to showcase the work that’s led up to the direction I’m moving in now, where I’m exploring different ways of depicting the figure. I’m not just doing portrait pieces where the sitter sits prominently in the center of the composition, but collages from all angles.

Looking back at the work I’ve created over the past couple of years makes me want to start experimenting more with trying to find different ways to develop my style. I think spending a few minutes every day brainstorming could be pretty helpful.

The Cafe

“The Cafe.” Collage on paper. 18″x24″
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And it’s finished – another cafe/restaurant portrait with a yellow background:

This afternoon I installed my show at Arlington Central Library’s East Gallery space. I’ll post a few pictures of the exhibit when I upload the pictures from my camera. Luckily I didn’t need to nail holes in the wall when installing this show – which is always a challenge for me. I typically find myself trying to cover up mistakes I’ve made from hammering by hiding holes in the wall with the frames of the hanging artwork. So it was nice that the library used metal rods for their artwork which made the installation fairly easy and straight forward to do.I also received a pleasant surprise today – a letter from the Washington Art Association regarding the portfolio I submitted to them for a work on paper show. They’re interested in the piece I did, “The Commuters,” and would like to see a series of work that looks like that particular collage. So it was nice not to receive a generic rejection letter – and instead receive a somewhat lengthy letter wanting me to resubmit more work.

Anyway, I’m off to do some late night studio work. I hope everyone had a happy first day of March! (and Monday too of course)

Collaging the Figure

Man at the Market by collage artist Megan Coyle
“Man at the Market.” Collage on mat board. 16″x20″
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March 1st – 31st, 2010
Arlington Central East Gallery; Arlington, Virginia
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“Collaging the Figure” is one of Megan’s first solo exhibitions that occured during the entire month of March. The show featured figurative collages that she has done within the past several years. With older works of art such as “Orange Girl” and “Girl with Glasses” (which was exhibited at the Smithsonian’s Ripley Center), Megan’s exhibition gave viewers a look at what her collage work looked like when she was just getting started with the medium.

Pieces like “Bren,” “Man at the Market,” “Figure in Front of the Window,” “The Artist from a Distance,” “Figure Seated by the Counter,” and “Smile,” consist of compositions that Megan has worked on within the past couple of years. This exhibition served as a reflection on her previous work, as Megan gets ready for her two upcoming figurative solo exhibitions that will feature a large body of work that moves in a different direction.