Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Subject to Interpretation Exhibit at the Ward Museum

Megan Coyle Ward Museum Exhibit
This week the "Subject to the Interpretation" exhibit at the Ward Museum ended. It was my second group exhibit at a museum, although the Ward Museum is the first museum that has accepted a couple of my collages into its permanent collection. They now own my "Flamingo Dancers" (above) and "Mallard Duck" (below). I'm happy to know that those collages now have a permanent home there - and I also like how the museum owns some work by the illustrator Charley Harper. I'm honored that my collages were in an exhibit that featured a couple of Harper's pieces.

Megan Coyle Ward Museum Exhibit
Here I am posed in front of my "Mallard Duck" collage in the exhibit. To the left of the piece is a picture of the Duck & Fish book cover - the Ward Museum is also selling my book in their gift shop.

Megan Coyle Ward Museum Exhibit
And here I am checking out my book in the shop.

Megan Coyle Ward Museum Exhibit

Megan Coyle Ward Museum Exhibit
Above is a picture of the Ward Museum - it has a pretty interesting structure. I'm glad I was able to swing by Salisbury, Maryland to check out the show before it ended.


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Joan Elizabeth said...

It's so exciting to see your own book in a bookshop. I used to love visiting mine.

Cindy said...

someday, someone will say the same thing about your work as you did about charley harpers and i agree it must be exciting to see your book in an actual store!