Thursday, June 14, 2012

Red Ruffed Lemur

Red Ruffed Lemur by collage artist Megan Coyle

"Red Ruffed Lemur"
Collage on paper

Lemurs are such unusual critters. I just love their eyes - they always look somewhat cartoonish. And I had a lot of fun putting this piece together.

Lately, a lot of my animal collages have been in the larger size I work in - 18"x24." I decided that I really needed to create a series of bigger animal collages. It helps if you have a variety of sizes to pull from when working on an inventory for an upcoming exhibit.


kim said...

LOVE it!!

ELK said...

such a handsome fellow!! love love the gray background too!

Christine Brallier said...

I LOVE how he turned out!! Great colors, composition, and his pose and expression are fabulous!

Cindy said...

his eyes are so intense ... he's staring at me! wonderful and love the background, too!