Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bourgeon Book Project

The Bourgeon Book

I am looking forward to the release of this upcoming anthology that will include one of my articles. The project was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter. Thank you to everyone who was able to support the project - we wouldn't be able to publish this book without your help.

What is Bourgeon?
Bourgeon is an online arts magazine that has published over two-hundred articles by artists about their work since 2005. The articles document the artwork and personal and artistic journeys of the authors as professional artists. The Bourgeon Book is a compilation of a selection of articles published in the magazine's first five years. The book's Editorial Committee read through the magazine's entire archive to select articles for the anthology.

Which Artists are featured?
45 DC area artists that include yours truly. Visit the Kickstarter page for a complete list.

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