Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Noah by collage artist Megan Coyle

Collage on paper

And here's the completed collage of the smiling dog. Looking back at all the previous commission work I've done, it looks like dog portraits have been the most popular subject. When it comes to tackling pet portraits, I've found that it helps a lot if the subject is a happy-looking pup.

In other news, you can check out my article that was just published on Bourgeon Online - Art is a Story. I discuss the writing and illustrating process for Duck & Fish as well as the storytelling I do with my other art projects.


Candace Rose said...

Beautiful! Love it :)

Beth Niquette said...

How you are able to convey this dog's happy personality using tiny scraps of color, is a mystery to me. What an amazing artist you are, Megan!

ELK said...

he IS smiling!! love that in an animal and you captured it!!

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh man, that is one gorgeous and happy dog! The shifts in shading on his face is wonderful. And that tongue! Lick me! Hahaha

Your article was wonderful, and I was fascinated to learn that the writing and illustrating was very much a back and forth process. Looks like a lot of work went into it.

Have a great and productive weekend!

Clytie said...

My computer screen is just big enough to have your WIP sketch and the finished piece show at the same time. Wow. What you do blows my mind!

Cindy said...

nothing better than a smiling dog especially depicted in your wonderful collage!