Sunday, August 14, 2011

Out of the Wild Installation

Megan Coyle collage artist
The other day we drove down to Lexington, North Carolina to install my artwork for the "Out of the Wild" exhibit. Seven of my animal collages will be on display from August 16th until December 12th at Davidson County Community College.

Megan Coyle collage artist
The artwork is installed in the lobby of the Mendenhall Administration Building.

Megan Coyle collage artist
Five of my collages are on the first floor. Above is a picture of Ben and myself - he was a big help with installing and shipping my artwork.

Megan Coyle collage artist
Then here's the staircase that goes to the second floor where you can find two more of my collages.

Megan Coyle collage artist
Megan Coyle collage artist
Megan Coyle collage artist
The exhibit coordinator is in the process of putting together a display of all the artists' postcards for the show. There's a total of nine artists in the juried exhibit.

Megan Coyle collage artist
After installing the show, I took a quick snapshot of the exterior of the building where the exhibit will be held. It was one busy day!


Anonymous said...

Wish I was in the area to see the show

cbmosaics said...

Nice job, Megan - you sure are keeping busy!

Fifi Flowers said...

GOOD for YOU!!!! YOUR work is LOVELY!!! VIBRANT and COLOURFUL... j'adore!!!

Crafty Green Poet said...

looks like a lovely exhibition!

Clipping Path said...

it was really excellent post!
thanks a lot for sharing with us :)