Monday, August 15, 2011

Bosty goes to Chapel Hill

Bosty goes to Chapel Hill
Bosty decided to join us on our trip to Lexington, North Carolina for my "Out of the Wild" group exhibit. He really wanted to check out Chapel Hill - so we were on the road again.

We ran into a bit of traffic getting out of Washington, D.C., which made Bosty a little impatient.

Bosty goes to Chapel Hill
But eventually we made it to Chapel Hill. First stop? Crook's Corner for a bite to eat. Bosty really wanted to go there because of the pig on the roof. He thinks they should call it "Bosty's Corner" with a mini sculpture of him on the top.

Bosty goes to Chapel Hill
We ordered some good 'old shrimp and grits. When we weren't watching our plates, Bosty decided to sample our food. He had quite a few samples by the end of the meal.

Bosty goes to Chapel Hill
He liked the decor of the courtyard - they had lots of bamboo that made him feel like he was lounging in a jungle.

Bosty goes to Chapel Hill
The next day we strolled around UNC's campus. Bosty decided that all my snapshots weren't picturesque unless he starred in them.

Bosty goes to Chapel Hill
He got a little too excited when we walked by a construction site. Bosty really wanted to play on all the trucks and machines. We didn't want him horsing around there, so we decided to call it a day for this dog.


Joan Elizabeth said...

So is Bosty a crook. He was clearly into stealing food.

Beth Niquette said...

Oh, Megan! What a lovely adventure. I do so enjoy you and Bosty's adventures! lol

Thank you for dropping by for FATuesday. Your amazing artwork is such an inspiration, my sweet Friend!

Cindy said...

i love seeing bosty's travels!

Sarah said...

Looks like Bosty had a tasty treat!