Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Published in Somerset Studio Magazine

Megan Coyle in Somerset Studio Magazine
I finally got my hands on a copy of the July/August issues of Somerset Studio magazine - it took a little while to find a Barnes & Noble near me that restocked their Somerset Studio magazines with the latest issue.

Megan Coyle in Somerset Studio Magazine
I was pretty excited to see that they featured three of my collages - "The New York Diner," "Commuters," and "Sunset in the City."

Megan Coyle in Somerset Studio Magazine
It definitely made my day seeing my work in print. It's times like this that make me feel grateful and excited about being an artist.

Megan Coyle in Somerset Studio Magazine
Anyway, I'm off to work on planning a few future collages. I've been bad about working on studio art since life has been crazy busy these days, but I'm hoping to start up a few more projects somewhat soon.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! I have to pick up a copy as well!

Joan Elizabeth said...

wow you got a great spread. How exciting.

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Yay for you! I will need to go check it out in person.

cbmosaics said...

That's so exciting, Megan! Congrats! Did they interview you for it? I'll have to go find it at our B&N!

Cindy said...

i saw it in barnes & noble this weekend and it was pretty great! so happy for you!

The Creative Artista said...

It's amazing that you've been published. Congratz! These collages are truly something special!