Sunday, July 24, 2011

Poised Blue Dachshund

Poised Blue Dachshund by Megan Coyle

"Poised Blue Dachshund"
Collage on mat board

Poised Blue Dachshund by Megan Coyle

Here's one of my latest animal collages. After spending a couple months away from working on portraits, it's been a bit difficult getting the hang of things again. So my current portrait has been a bit of a struggle this weekend. I'm hoping to have it finished somewhat soon, but we shall see...

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. It was unusually hot here in D.C. - I spent most of the weekend dodging the heat indoors but went on a couple of walks. I'm looking forward to the coolness of fall.


christinemyoung said...

the pink sky is so inviting :)

i just found your blog via elk ~ nice to meet you

Anonymous said...

Love your dog collages!

Clytie said...

The pink and green you chose for the background are the perfect foil for the (well named) "Poised Blue Dachshund". I missed your last couple of posts and have to say Congratulations - both to your solo opening, and to your book!!! I LOVE your work!!!