Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Studio Update: Projects and Upcoming Solo Show

The Artist from a Distance by Megan Coyle
I've been itching to begin work on another batch of collages - it's been tough focusing on editing my book, but it will be well-worth it when it's complete. I've especially been wanting to begin work on new artwork since several pieces sold recently - including the above "The Artist from a Distance." It's time to start cranking out more artwork!

Aside from book work, I'm beginning to come up with ideas for future works of art. First I'd like to work on another set of animal collages. Perhaps I'll stop by the National Zoo sometime soon to find some inspiration.

I'd also like to film a collage being pieced together from start to finish. I'll start this project off by testing it out on a smaller collage. Then hopefully I can figure out how to speed up the footage, and ta-da! I'll upload it to the web for all to view. I'm very much interested in sharing more of my process with everyone.

And I'm beginning to work on selecting artwork for my exhibit at RedRocks which is part of the Firebricks & Frames exhibition series. I've designed and ordered postcards for the exhibit (fingers crossed - hopefully they'll arrive in the mail soon!) which I'll post soon. The show will open on July 1st, so it will be here before I know it! Anyway, off I go - there's lots to do!


Sarah said...

I'm looking forward to seeing some of your new work.

ELK said...

where does time go ?! I have missed my visits here friend and can tell that not only your are is just as amazing as always but you are creating so much ~ this is wonderful!!