Monday, May 2, 2011

Jasper Exhibit (Part 1)

Jasper Exhibit by Megan Coyle
A couple weeks ago I worked on getting organized for my art show in Jasper, IN - which meant selecting pieces for the show, framing them, documenting my inventory, and then packaging each piece in cardboard and brown packaging paper. I wanted to wrap up each work of art so that once I stacked all my artwork in the trunk of my car, I wouldn't have to worry about the frames getting scratched when they shifted around. Above is an image of my packaging efforts.

Jasper Exhibit by Megan Coyle
Then there was the challenge of packing everything into the trunk of the car. Luckily we got everything in there and had plenty of room for our luggage. I also brought along some magazines for the workshop that I ran.

Jasper Exhibit by Megan Coyle
And above is yet another image of the artwork stacked in the trunk of our car. I brought along a total of thirty-seven pieces.

We spent about ten hours on the road before we reached Louisville, KY where we had a pleasant stay before venturing off to Indiana. On Saturday, April 30th, I ran my first-ever collage workshop in Jasper and it went very well. So many positive and enthusiastic attendees - what fun!

Anyway, I have some photos from the trip and workshop that I'll post soon.


Joan Elizabeth said...

That was a very neat packing job. Looking forward to the follow up pics.

rachel awes said...

there is a lot of work
that happens in order to
shine! shine! shine!
& that you do, dear one!

Beth Niquette said...

You are incredibly organized, my dear! I shall look forward to those photos from the trip and workshop!

Cindy said...

it looks and sounds great ... i'm just glad you didn't get a flat tire!

cbmosaics said...

Nicely done! Love the photos of your drive, too. Some beautiful landscapes there! Look forward to seeing workshop photos, too. :)