Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beyond Form: Expressing Art Exhibition

Beyond Form Megan Coyle Exhibition

Yesterday I did some gallery sitting at the Del Ray Artisans' "Beyond Form: Expressing Art" group exhibition. Two of my latest abstract collages were in it - a non-objective piece and an abstract landscape one.

Beyond Form Megan Coyle Exhibition

The exhibit showcases a variety of abstract artwork done in all different mediums by local artists. The show opened on March 4th and will run until the 27th.

Beyond Form Megan Coyle Exhibition

Above is an image of a section of the gallery space. Yesterday was such a beautiful day - the lighting from outside was shining in through the windows, making the place look all the more beautiful.

And now I'm off to finish up some work for a new section of my website. I'll add a blog post when everything is up and running.


Sarah said...

Looks good!

cindy said...

it must be nice to kind of have some 'quiet time' to sit a look at your wonderful work displayed in a gallery setting and in relation to others!