Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Megan Coyle's FlickR

Lately I've been working away on commissions. I'd love to share some of the progress pictures, but I've decided that for my clients' sake I'll hold on that until after the holidays. The custom art I'm working on will be gifts for my clients' friends/family members.

Aside from custom art, I've been working on photographing older collages and doing a little documenting. I also decided to delete all the photos I had on Flickr - all the collage images had big, ugly watermarks on them. I've decided to add better images without the watermarks. So if you'd like to see some images of my work that are bigger than the ones that appear in my blog, you can check out my Flickr page. At the moment I've only added a few of my older pieces completed in 2008 or earlier (a couple of newer ones are mixed into the bunch). I'm planning to gradually upload more of my images bit by bit.


Jennifer DeDonato said...

I have my art on Flickr also. I will be sure to check yours out.

Anonymous said...

Looking good

Claudia Spencer Finn said...

These portraits are so cool in collage!!!!!!