Thursday, September 9, 2010

Old Town Townhouses

"Old Town Townhouses"
Collage on paper

When I was working as a visiting artist this past summer, I did quite a bit of walking. It was about an hour walk to the local art center from my house - and I tried to make this trek twice a day (to the center and then back home) so I could get some exercise. So often I get cooped up inside making artwork or sitting in front of a computer. I felt it was necessary to force myself to get out and move about a little more.

On my walks, I'd take pictures from time to time to file away and use for future works of art. This collage was based on a series of photographs I took of the bright, colorful townhouses you can find on King Street in Old Town, Alexandria.

I don't typically do landscape and cityscapes (you've probably realized I'm more of a sucker for animal and portraiture pieces), however this was a collage I made for an upcoming show I'm having at NIH - it features landscape and cityscape collages. I'll post more pieces from the series later on.


Melissa said...

Oh, Megan, I really like it and am taken by the colors as well as the composition!

Joan Elizabeth said...

I also like it a lot even through very different from your usual work. What a surprising number of colours.

Sarah said...

Looking good!

Crafty Green Poet said...

this is lovely, the colours and textures are very striking!

rachel awes said...

these townhouses
might now be
my very favorite
of yours!
i LOVE them.
i'm moving in.

cindy said...

i love this subject for your work!