Monday, August 2, 2010

Stories in Paper: Exhibit Ending

Megan Coyle Stories in Paper

This late afternoon "Stories in Paper" will be uninstalled. I had a lot of fun having this exhibition up at the Art League Gallery - and I can't believe the show has run its course already.

Megan Coyle Stories in Paper

So while saying "good-bye" to the end of another show, I thought I'd post a few pictures I took of the work hanging on the gallery walls. Here's the easel sitting outside the Art League with the poster advertising my exhibit.

Megan Coyle Stories in Paper

The postcard collage up on the wall.

Megan Coyle Stories in Paper

The space where I set out a guest book, booklet of more of my work, and other marketing materials.

Megan Coyle Stories in Paper

A shot of one of the gallery's walls (the one with my name and exhibit title on it).

Megan Coyle Stories in Paper

Another angle.

Megan Coyle Stories in Paper

I was really proud of the work that I had in this show - the majority of it was completed last year. I created about twenty of collages for the show, picked sixteen from the group to have in the gallery, and during installation only fourteen pieces could fit.

Farewell to "Stories in Paper" - although with each exhibit, I seem to learn more and more about marketing my work and playing around with subject matter.


Crafty Green Poet said...

how nice to have a successful exhibition completed though it must be sad to take it all down...

Velvet Lime Designs said...

Really amazing work! I would love to have my own show someday. Congrats on a great exhibition!

justdoodleit said...

Nice! They look even better when framed and put up on walls :)

deb said...

congratulations, Megan.

I am so blown away by what you do.