Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Gorilla by collage artist Megan Coyle
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Collage on paper

Here's the finished piece - and now the next several collages I post won't include any progress pictures (like I mentioned before). Perhaps I should start taking my camera with me to the studio...

Things have been going pretty well lately. Getting ready to install my solo show "Stories in Paper" tomorrow and then I'll work on prepping for my artist talk, etc. on Thursday. Then the following week I'm doing a demonstration/talk for a collage group and giving a lecture on blogging. So lots to do - all very exciting, yet it will still be nice once everything is done.

Work in the studio has been interesting. I really enjoy a lot of the visitors that pop in and have met quite a few lovely people. From emerging artists to art enthusiasts, I've thoroughly enjoyed the conversation I've had with others. However, you still get an oddball in the studio every once in a while - I suppose that's the charm of having the art center studios open to the public.

The other day, I was working away on my latest scapes collage for an upcoming show at NIH. An older woman came in and gradually made her way over to where I was working. She hovered for a while, watching me work. Then she piped in, "You must have done real good in kindergarten."

I glanced up at her, kind of shocked and mumbled something like, "Yeah, sure." After the English major within me cringed from her grammar, I was a little surprised by her comment. I do look pretty young but sorry lady, my kindergarten days are long, long gone. I initially felt insulted by this. Once I got over that initial response, I thought her comment was pretty hilarious. I suppose some people consider cutting and pasting paper to be pretty elementary. All I can do is smile and laugh about that. There's so much more to collage than just that.


lori vliegen said...

your gorilla turned out fantastic!! it still amazes me how you're able to blend colors through bits of paper!!!! wow! congrats on your exhibit tomorrow......i'll bet all of your artwork hung together is quite a wonderful sight to behold!!!! :)))

Joan Elizabeth said...

Yeh well like me the last time the lady cut and paste things to make pictures and chopped up magazines was probably kindergarten or primary school. That's because we aren't talented artists. If I tried to do what you do it would be called paper mache.

cindy said...

if i tried to do what you do it would be called garbage and i'd say so myself ;). she probably didn't mean it in a negative way, sometimes we just say things that don't come across the right way.

sounds like you are super-busy and working in the studio is a very good thing. keep cool!

Bella Sinclair said...

Super duper! Wow, you've been exceptionally busy and productive. Congratulations on a fantastic reception for your exhibit. And a talk on collage and a lecture on blogging and moving.....whew! You are Wonder Woman. These animals are flippin' fantastic. I so love this gorilla! So many subtle shades of green and grey.

Seriously, do you ever rest???

Thank you for your visit and lovely words, Megan. I hope you have one incredibly great summer!

ps. I think I was eating paste in kindergarten.