Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Toucan Samantha

"Toucan Samantha"
Collage on paper

There's already a Toucan Sam, so why not introduce people to his female counterpart, Toucan Samantha? I had fun working on this one - especially with the fragments of images I used for the background.

Anyway, where have I been? It's been a while since my last post! Well, the past few days I've been spending a lot of time moving out of my apartment. I'm going to move to a new place fairly soon, and the move has really consumed the majority of my free time. I've still put in a few hours here and there in the studio, and I have a few pieces I've completed there that I need to take home to photograph.

I'm also beginning to prep for the opening reception of my solo show "Stories in Paper," which opens next week, July 8th. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.


Crafty Green Poet said...

Samantha is beautiful! Good luck with your show!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Quite busy .. sound frenetic to me. I thing South American birds are truly exotic and quite huge.

Sarah said...

Good luck with your show! Samantha is wonderful!

cindy said...

good luck with the move and the show. i've only lived in three places in my entire life so i don't have any advice other than don't accumulate a lot of stuff cause then you'll never move ;). enjoy your weekend!

lori vliegen said...

good luck with your move.....i know that sweet little toucan samantha will be happy to get settled (as i'm sure you will, too!!!!). :))

Nicky Linzey said...

Knew this would be great. The background is so alive, so rainforest like!

rachel awes said...

love the naming &
so fun to collage
such a beauty!!xo