Thursday, June 10, 2010

Studio Update

Megan Coyle collage artist's studio

Since posting my last pictures of the studio where I'm currently working for June and July, I've moved a few things around to help with presentation. Before, the pedestals were pushed up against the wall. When I did this, I had trouble getting visitors to notice my work. By pulling out the pedestals, and forcing visitors to walk around them, my work became much more noticeable. I also had the problem of visitors thinking my work was painting, thus not really paying close attention to it. In the image above you can see that I cut out paper letters and taped them to the wall - the set on the side includes my logo as well as the words "Collage Artist."

Megan Coyle collage artist's studio

I also cut out letters to make up "painting with paper."

Megan Coyle collage artist's studio

Here's a view that shows a little of the other side of the studio. I'm competing for attention with these sculpture pieces.

Megan Coyle collage artist's studio

Here are my marketing materials - postcards, business cards, and brochures - you can see them right when you walk in the door. That book I have propped up on a mini easel is the book I put together with Blurb. I think Blurb is pretty useful - I was really satisfied with the quality.

Megan Coyle collage artist's studio

And now I have note cards for sale along with my handmade magnets.

Well anyway, I'm off to take care of a few errands before heading off to the studio for just about the entire day.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Painting with paper ... I like that. You are really getting into the swing of thing at the studio ... you won't want to leave.

rachel awes said...

i love to see you
brimming over
with cards
& magnets
& showings of your
paper painting wonders.
lol. xox

Wendy Wright said...

Looks awesome! Your work is amazing!

justdoodleit said...

Looks fantastic!

Lori said...

Wow awesome Megan. I wish I could have been there in person.

Nicky Linzey said...

Everything looks wonderful Megan. I wish I could see it too. Can't belive how fast you work. Your polar bear is lovely.