Sunday, June 20, 2010

Progress Picture #2: Flamingos

Flamingos by collage artist Megan Coyle

Here you can see how I started blocking out the colors for the "Flamingos" collage.

Things have been going pretty well at the studio. I like being able to interact with the public on an almost daily basis - it's a nice change of pace from what I'm accustomed to (listening to radio shows while collaging by myself in my apartment). Although at the same time, I couldn't imagine having to run an open studio year round. There's quite a lot of responsibility involved, and quite a bit of work. I find that I like using the internet as a means to reach an audience and customers.

Today I was especially amused by a comment that one of the visitors made. He talked to me for a little bit, left the studio, then returned and asked me if I grew up on a farm.


"Oh - I was wondering because you do a lot of animals."

I was a bit puzzled and glanced over at the wall where my art is being exhibited. I saw a toucan, giraffe, and iguana. Where was he coming from? Then of course I remembered the print of the purple cow collage I've done that was perched at the top of an easel. Funny how we can hone in on one detail and ignore everything else.

Anyway, I hope all the fathers out there are having a grand Father's Day!


Melissa said...

He was probably just so overwhelmed by how cool your work is that he didn't really think that question through. Or maybe he did think it through and realized asking you if you were raised in a zoo might sound a little rude! LOL! Loving the flamingos. Beautiful colors!

Crafty Green Poet said...

People are funny what they say sometimes! Glad you're enjoying the studio, the colours in the flamingoes are wonderful

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

OOOH Megan It's BEAUTIFUL Just like I knew it would be he he he he!! You are so fabulously off the chain talented. How do you do it???? Great work.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Perhaps he thought you had such a great affinity with animals.

Bella Sinclair said...

Hahahaha! Well, HE probably did grow up on a farm and was hoping you were a fellow farmer.

Megan! The animals are coming out fantastically! Love that polar bear. The landscape behind him looks like a great big reflective glacier. Gorgeous! And the goat looks so inquisitive, like he's spied something yummy to eat. But this flamingo! I can tell already that the vibrant colors will blow me away!

Sounds like you are having such a great time at the studio. There's something about working in public that pushes you to do more, be better, be more creative. It's fantastic!