Monday, June 7, 2010

Character Study

This is a collaboration I worked on with my brother. I did the concept drawing, he took the sketch and modeled/uv unwrapped it, I collaged the uv flats, and he put it together for the final look. I think the next step is that we'll start working on a background for this little guy.

Birdy by collage artist Megan Coyle

Here's the concept sketch I did

Birdy model by Brendan Coyle

And my brother's interpretation of the sketch with a 3d model. Next I collaged the uv flats which he took and was able to use to put together the clip that you saw at the top.

Once I get a spare moment, I'd like to work on my own 2d animation piece. Also, that children's book has been in my backlog of things "to do" for quite a while now. Hopefully I can get started on that as well in the near future.


justdoodleit said...

Pretty! Is it the twitter bird in 3D collage :)

Joan Elizabeth said...

I like this and it shows there are such a wide range of ways your art can be applied.

I like the collage colouring and the way the light sparkles on it has it moves.

ELK said...

it is so interesting..i do not know how you both did this..what a collaboration

Nicky Linzey said...

Ooh this is exciting .. think where it may lead ...

Melissa said...

OK, that is way cool! Obviously creativity runs in your bloodline!