Monday, April 5, 2010

"What's Your Bag?" Exhibition

I hope everyone had a happy weekend. I spent my Saturday gallery sitting at the Del Ray Artisans for their "What's Your Bag?" exhibition. The show features artwork that depicts bags in our culture as well as art made from recycled bags. A lot of handmade bags were also included in the show.

Photo by collage artist Megan Coyle

Here's the piece that I had hanging in the exhibition, "The Reader." There's a book bag resting on the ground next to the figure spread out on the park bench.

I thought I'd have a productive art-filled weekend, however I was feeling pretty sick and had to spend half my weekend either sleeping or laying in bed. I love keeping busy, so it was pretty difficult for me to force myself to rest up so I could recover. Now I'm feeling much better, and I'm glad I took it easy instead of working away.


chrissy said...

first, i hope you are feeling better. been down with a really dumb (but painful) back injury and it makes me VERY GRUMPY!
i don.t do "nothing" very well. sounds like we might be the same in that aspect.
secondly...I LOVE this bag idea. how fun. i LOVE bags...all sorts of bags. your piece looks lovely. did you pick up any extra bags?
can.t wait to see the couple when their date is over by the potomac!!! looking good sister.
loves to you.

rachel awes said...

isn't being sick/pressed to stop or slow-down difficult?!! oi!! i really relate to that!
love your reader piece, & it will be so fun to see your couple picture come together!
& those bags! i am adoring the brown one with the yellow flower on your last pic!!!!
wishing you vibrant health & bright sunshine, dear one!

Nicky Linzey said...

Glad you're feeling better, I can definitely identify with what you've said about resting ha ha!
Can't wait to see your next finished picture.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I like the subtle "bag" in your collage.