Saturday, April 24, 2010

Collage in the Classroom

A few weeks ago I received an email from a high school teacher, Monica, from New York City. She told me that her class had just finished a landscape collage unit and that they had focused on Romare Bearden and my work for their artist focus. Her class analyzed my landscape collages to figure out how I created the work so they could learn from it. They also worked on their own collages inspired from their studies.

Below I've included images that Monica so kindly sent to me. I always enjoy hearing from teachers who've shared my work with their students. It's great knowing that your work can inspire others.

Collages from Monica's Class
Each collage is about 3"x3"

Collages from Monica's Class
Collages from Monica's Class
Collages from Monica's Class
Collages from Monica's Class
Collages from Monica's Class


Joan Elizabeth said...

Your fame is spreading ...isn't that great!

Bella Sinclair said...

Hey, that's fantastic! Yes, you ARE truly inspiring!

chrissy said...

i LOVE that you are inspiring others as well as ME.
happy day to dear you.

rachel awes said...

oh how i love these 3 X 3's!!
i have some other sizes & shapes of "canvas's" to create on & i keep going back to my same ol'!...someday i'll mix it up again! & megan, you ARE inspiring.
i always adore visiting you & your gorgeous creations. xox

brigittemarie said...


Monica said...

Oh Megan, thanks for posting these. Ive got to let my students know their work is up!
Thanks again, keep up the great work and inspiration!