Sunday, March 21, 2010

Penguin Feeding Time

And it's finished (at the moment). Sometimes I like revisiting previous collages to do a little bit of editing/touching up here and there.

"Penguin Feeding Time"
Collage on paper

Penguin Feeding Time by collage artist Megan Coyle

I've always liked penguins so naturally I wanted to squeeze one in to one of my people collages. I like how penguins look like miniature people in a way - and they always look so dressed up like they're wearing suites.

Although I like making portraits/people collages the best, I am looking forward to working on some animal collages for my show in August. It will be a nice way to change gears a bit. I'd also like to work more on still life and landscape work since I haven't had much time these days to really delve into those areas.

It's crazy how quickly this weekend is going by - and now I'm off to take care of a few errands before enjoying the nice weather.


Coreopsis said...

These are lovely! I really like the rich colors, and the textures the edges of all the little blocks of color make. I'm assuming its paper?

Laura B said...

This piece is great, pengins are amazing creatures, they look like such little personalities!

Hope your having a lovely weekend.

Ces said...

Hello Megan,

Thank you for your visit. I appreciate it very much. Oh WOW! I have never seen this before and I have not heard if it. This is fantastic. Talk about patience, this requires patience just look at the painstaking time to match and blend the colors. You are very good and I want you to be rich and famous someday. You go Megan!

Beth Niquette said...

Ooooh, I love this one--I'm just boggled by the amount of time this must have been taken.

You are so very creative.

Melissa said...

I can't believe how different this looks with the keeper all filled in! It's wonderful!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

this turned out wonderful!