Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Here's another piece inspired by one of my trips to the National Zoo in DC, when I stopped by the Reptile House. I'm always finding compositions for future works of art there when I stroll around with my camera.

Collage on paper


Terri Stegmiller said...

While I much prefer soft, furry kitties as pets, I must say that your iquana is so colorful and well done.

Beth Niquette said...

Now I really like this quirky fellow--what a fun and provocative piece! I think he's going to jump off the page!

My medium of choice is colored pencil. I usually use my beloved Prismacolors.

Have a wonderful New Year!

ELK said...

only YOU could make a reptile beautiful!

Laura B said...

Hope you are having a lovely holiday and I wish you peace & joy in the year ahead :)