Monday, November 2, 2009


And it's finished! I have a couple more portrait pieces that I'm going to work on before shifting gears and paying more attention to the work for my animal portraiture solo exhibition--so expect a lot more animal portraits in the future.

Collage on paper

Snorkeling by Megan Coyle


Beth Niquette said...

How amazing your work is! I just can't imagine how you are able to accomplish these incredible pieces.

Wow wow WOW!

cindy said...

we love to snorkel and this is such a great piece, megan!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Megan you are a prolific artist ... I enjoy watching your works unfold.

aimee said...

this seems like it would be a really challenging piece, to capture the patterns and perspectives of the water flow...
yet you've done it again - and done it beautifully!

Lori said...

AMAZING really. How do you do it? Yay for more animals :)