Monday, September 7, 2009

Red Panda

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Yesterday I managed to finish another mini collage. I'm aiming to complete a mini collage every week so I'll have something new to add to my Etsy Shop.

"Red Panda"
Collage on mat board

Red Panda by Megan Coyle


pve design said...

Wonderful! Love to see you work in mosaic...have you ever thought of one of these for a Zoo - they would be great on a zoo ticket or brochure.
Good luck making one a week!

Jessica aka redpanda said...

He's so cute!

elk said...

nice work in a smaller piece...great reds/oranges in the animal Megan

Lori said...

She is lovely!

cindy said...

we just saw these at the zoo. they are beautifully represented in your collages. do you know about eric carle's blog? -

Fifi Flowers said...

How CUTE is your Red Panda!