Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Progress Picture #2: Coney Island

I hope everyone had a wonderful first-day-of-September yesterday. It's feeling like autumn already--I've been waking up with chills the past two mornings. I also think I'm about to come down with a bit of a head cold--I suppose all those nights of working late and making artwork until the early morning are finally catching up to me. Looks like tonight will be a more restful night--unless I get going on something new.

Here's my latest progress picture for the "Coney Island" collage. I haven't done too much, but you can get an idea of the way my brain was working while putting these pieces of paper down.

Coney Island by Megan Coyle

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Lady P said...

i am so impressed with your process here - love seeing how it begins
thank you for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comments