Monday, August 31, 2009

Blue Barack Obama (No. 3 in a series)

Due to request, I've created another Obama collage.

"Blue Barack Obama (No. 3 in a series)"
Collage on mat board

Barack Obama by Megan Coyle


Lady P said...

sooo good! thanks for stopping by once again and for the lovely inquiry - times are a little strained as i try to reconfigure my life and work (or lack thereof) but aside from that - i am doing pretty damn a-okay

Lori said...

It is great that you are doing an Obama series. I have a friend who is a sculptor and is doing one also. Your work is so fabulous.

Candi said...

You should send him one of your Obama pics! They're just gorgeous!

Thanks for your thoughtfulness, it's much appreciated :)

Lynn said...

Your art process is facinating to And so beautifully executed! Wow. Love this Obama piece. Congrats for being published in the arts calendar mag too.
thanks for coming to my blog today and leaving a comment. Much appreciated.