Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back from Maui

After a couple weeks away to Maui in Hawaii, I'm back. Before posting the usual art pictures, I thought I'd share a few photos from my trip.

Megan Coyle in Hawaii
One of the views in Maui

Megan Coyle in Hawaii
Sunset on Big Beach

Megan Coyle in Hawaii
Ben and I climbing a hill by Big Beach

Megan Coyle in Hawaii
I had to get a drink with an umbrella in it....

Megan Coyle in Hawaii
One of the pools by the place we stayed in Wailea

Megan Coyle in Hawaii
Another lovely sunset - a lot of my photos are of the water, palm trees, and sunsets.

Megan Coyle in Hawaii
Fire dancers at night at Little Beach.

Megan Coyle in Hawaii
And one more picture of palm trees during the day.


Lori said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love the super cute picture of you and Ben. Must have been the best time ever.

Tracey said...

How beautiful! I bet you had a wonderful time and I hope you found lots of artisitc inspiration! Love the picture of you and Ben :)

Libby Murphy said...

Oh how gorgeous! I love Maui and all the Hawaiian islands. Your photos brought back many great memories and everyone should have a drink with a little umbrella in it at least once.
Aloha and Happy Twirls

Maya said...

I'd love to visit Hawaii! All the swaying palms are just wonderful, and the ocean of course.

cindy said...

aloha and welcome back to the mainland! i am so corny ;). i love your photos, especially the one of you two. so cute!