Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Potomac River Afternoon

Whew, this week has been a busy one already - I'm pretty good at keeping my hands busy. Anyway, I've gotten started on another possible portrait/figurative piece for my solo exhibition next year and I'll post progress pictures later. I'm also really itching to get started on more animal portraits, living near the zoo has its perks - it gives me plenty of opportunities to take pictures for future projects. Anyway, here's the finished collage that I've been working on recently:

"A Potomac River Afternoon"
Collage on paper


Candi said...

This is so beautiful! I cannot wait to see your animal prints. I'm sure they're absolutely gorgeous! You are the most talented artist ever!

cindy said...

it's great. i love the two couples.

aimee said...

turned out great - i am always amazed by how you get the shading to turn out so perfectly. i imagine that doing it this way is even harder than painting!