Sunday, April 19, 2009

All Media Exhibition at the Del Ray Artisans

The weather was beautiful this weekend! On Saturday I did some gallery sitting for the Del Ray Artisans. The exhibition will be up until April 26th. Here are some pictures from the day, including some shots of my artwork on the walls.

The Del Ray Artisans
It was such a beautiful day!

Interior View of the Del Ray Artisans
The lighting in the gallery was wonderful.

Coffee in the Morning by Megan Coyle
I decided to get a couple of pictures of my work.

Blue Obama by Megan Coyle
Megan Coyle and her artwork


Tracey said...

YOu looks so cute there grinning by your awesome work!!

ELK said...

it is wonderful to see it in a gallery Megan ~

Candi said...

Oh congratulations! You look like your on cloud nine, as you rightfully should be :) Your work is just gorgeous!!!

cindy : quaint said...

hey there cutie!

aimee said...

your work looks great! and you are a super cutie :)