Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Collage on cardboard

The dog collage I did before this one was of a dog that I thought was named Louie. Turns out this is the real Louie, and the last dog was Jonny. Anyway, I finished my last dog portrait in the series of commissioned pieces for one of my clients. Next week I have a meeting at a gallery that might possibly put my work on display.

I've been extremely busy with work these days, but now things have cooled down and I will be able to focus more on art making (hopefully). I'll try to get started on another piece tonight or tomorrow night. I hope everything is going well with everyone!


pve design said...

Can you hear me clapping.... you are wonderful!
Love your work.

sunnie_fairy said...

wow he looks so "alive!" ;]

Krissy said...

This is wonderful! I love the expression you captured :)

Tracey said...

Love the real Louie :)

Sandra Evertson said...