Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting Started

I just started with my self-portrait--of course it has a long way to go before being finished, but here's the rough sketch and blocking-in of color that I've done thus far. I've also noticed that I have such a serious expression--for some reason my self-portraits are always like this. I think I'll aim for a different expression for the next one.

Anyway, I'll work on this more next week. Have a wonderful weekend and a happy Monday!


Tracey said...

I am looking foward to seeing your self portrait come to life :)
Have a great Labor Day weekend!

aimee said...

i always enjoy your pieces in progress. this is an intriguing expression; i wonder what is going through your mind in this picture.

bunzi said...

so cool! yay can't wait to see the finished results. :D