Saturday, March 15, 2008

Collage #4

I had my third senior thesis meeting this month. It was pretty helpful--my committee pointed out weak areas in my compositions that I'll work on fixing during my spring break. I also showed them my unfinished collage of my brother. It was actually their favorite because they were able to understand the type of process I go through with my work. However, I'm not interested in pursuing that type of work--I want to create complete collages that have a narrative element. I think that after I complete my senior thesis, I will begin a new series of incomplete collages, with both drawn and collaged elements.

So far, I've worked on reworking areas of Scott's collage--I got rid of the doorway in the background and went back to the blank wall. I'm also working on getting rid of the abstract and flat areas of the piece. I'll post that collage once I finish it.
Here's the collage of my brother that I took to the meeting. I've been working a little more on the background and his shirt since then.

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